A booking is confirmed only when a deposit of 20% of the agreed value is guaranteed. The balance of the total cost price is payable before the release of photographs either by way of proofs, CD or prints or cloud-based storage. Additions to packages can be made anytime, including after consultation. 

If the date or time gets updated after the booking is accepted, the Photographer may no longer be available and shall suffer no penalty. 

When bookings are cancelled 30 days before the booked date, the deposit, less than the $100 cancellation fee, will be returned.

If the booking gets cancelled less than 30 days before the booked date, then no deposit refund will be made.  

Whilst every effort will be made for Celio to be the primary Photographer; there may be a substitute photographer associated with Celio of equal ability used; this should only be due to sickness or injury preventing Celio from attending on the day. 

Whilst every effort to meet the minimum number of photographs in a package, the number of pictures may be less due to conditions outside the Photographer’s control, such as weather, accidents or time constraints.

The creator may use images or videos taken to promote himself via the internet, website, print media and multimedia without compensation. 

Celio’s intellectual property and copyright cover any photos/videos and any other materials created by Celio.com.au.

Once the photos or creative works are signed off, we keep the files free of charge in our digital storage system. After 30 days, we are no longer responsible for any lost files. We maintain archives of our client’s jobs and events. Any efforts to search or recovery of files will incur expenses charged to those requesting the files. We respect your privacy, and only those directly involved will have any access to files with permission.

In our quotes, we include local travel expenses in the quoted package price. All State or Interstate travel, accommodation, and meals for photographer/s are at the client’s cost and confirmed by the client. The client is to notify the Photographer of travel details.