SBS Australia – Freelance photojournalist

As a Former Freelancer at SBS Portuguese. My job was about embracing multiculturalism and diversity.  In my work I was tasked with capturing and showcasing the difference of Australian Culture. 

A way to travel around the world without leaving Australia is to connect to the Diverse Multicultural Communities and enjoy the incredible cultural diversity present in their communities here in Australia. There are many events and locations where people can experience sounds, tastes, smells, and traditions during the year.

Over the past years, I have connected to many multicultural communities. I have done my best to use my skill set to showcase the diversity of the people living here in Australia and the stories that make Australia unique.

Some of the more evident communities are Portuguese, Brazilian, Irish, South American, Macedonian, and African. I’m committed to excellence and creating priceless moments.

Celio Agostinho
Celio Agostinho

Pro Photographer & Video creator for Social Media Content & Web Design .
Digital Visual Storyteller for Creative Multimedia Solutions Sydney Australia