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I’m a Creative Visual Storyteller with a background in Photojournalism and Graphic design, which over time, has mastered using diverse multimedia platforms to deliver a wide range of media. 

I create, capture and share quality digital media moments that are highly imaginative and appealing furthermore entirely personal, tailored for each client’s needs and requirements.

My approach to digital media is more creative, allowing me to get the best out of every situation, whether it be a corporate event, weddings in a remote location, or a job with challenging requirements.

My Multi-Professional skills let me cater for a wide range of clients with different needs in this digital world, supplying them with the Multimedia content they require.

During the past 15 years, I have acquired various skill sets in Europe and Australia, some via traditional education and many others through direct learning experiences. 

• Photography – Weddings, Corporate Events, Freelance photojournalism for news and sports agencies, Real Estates, Social and Multicultural Events (2000 – present)

• Diploma – Communications, News Media & Radio Broadcasting (Journalism) Sydney TAFE Petersham College 2013 

Over time I’ve become a Visual storyteller in which I have learnt how to communicate via using photography, Digital Video, Social media, Web and Graphics professionals. Being a multi-skilled creative person with a proven track record in various roles in the multimedia industry, 

Every client and job is different “one style” does not “suit all “. So, knowing my clients and understanding their requirements is extremely important to me even before the photographs or projects come to life.

In the age of digital media, let us be your partner in sharing all your unforgettable moments.

Interactive design

We can help See the world differently with a creative mind story

Interactive moments

Dreaming is the creative state of designing the future. 

Storyteller hunters

We tell stories differently, meaning we engage and speak to people, interacting with our clients, we shot from a different angle; it’s about the story, being there at the right spot, and ready for that moment.

  • speaking to people 
  • photography is for sharing
  • just shoot photography

challenge me to see the world differently

In the age of digital communications, let us be your partner in sharing all your unforgettable moments.

Interactive design

We can see the world differently with a creative Creative mind story

Interactive moments