Photographer - Creative Director

With a background in graphic design and other creative industries, I always have had a natural ability for creating the extraordinary and presenting it in an amazing way, whether it’s a wedding image for an album or commercial advertising.  My approach to photography is more creative, allowing the natural environment to get the best out of every situation for my clients, whether it’s a shoot on a remote location or on a job with challenging weather.



Celio Agostinho

Beauty in photographs happens when people are being themselves and are comfortable with their photographer. I do what I love, photography and create beautiful images along the way. There are few people who can say they truly love what they do. I know I am one of the lucky ones.

Qualified Photographer & Multimedia Developer with proven professional experience in different fields including newspapers, events and in multicultural environments.

Every client and job is different – I know that “one style” does not “suit all“. Spending time to know my clients and understand their photographic requirements is extremely important even before the photographs come to life . This creative and technical diversity means i have more opportunity to get the results that our clients desire. By doing this, I have not only provided our clients with a great product, but i have also found some great friends along to way.

Creative Visual Storytelling by Celio Agostinho

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My goal is to create and capture images that are not only highly imaginative and appealing, but also completely personal and tailored for each clients needs, likes, wants, desires, personality and purpose. supply Multimedia content for a wide range of customers with different needs in this digital media world..


Passion is a strong word but its what creates my Prive for visual story telling and allows me to deliver quality digital content for affordable rates . With a extensive range of know-how and experience in Photography, Video and Design have a proven track record that allows us to offer a wide range of diverse solutions to cater for your needs.


My International experience in newspapers, agencies, events and in multicultural environments gives me the foundations to produce quality